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Hi! My name is Piper and it’s wonderful to meet you

I love Traditional or Non-traditional; Local or Destination; Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. I love them all because every event, just like every couple, is unique. They are all joyful expressions of love, giving me the opportunity to use photography to create art from their joy. It is an honor each time a couple entrusts me with the job of witnessing their special day, documenting their precious moments, creating treasured art that serves as their memories. I have been photographing weddings and union ceremonies for the LGBTQ community since 2004.

Meet Piper Jo Nevins My aim is to deliver the images that take your breath away; the epic images of you in love, the ones that make you smile, laugh and cry. Your wedding photographs will ultimately become your memories. I welcome the responsibility of capturing the moments and creating the art of your most special day so you can reconnect with the power of that day each and every time you look at your images. The spirit of your treasured memories will be preserved for a lifetime. Months of meticulous planning go into making your wedding an exceptional day. Your event deserves to be photographed with the same degree of care and perfection.

Service is key

I am dedicated to, and pride myself in providing incomparable service. One characteristic that sets me apart from other photographers is my close attention to service; to attending to your emotions and unexpected needs. I will walk you through each step of the process to ensure that the entire experience is memorable.

On your wedding day, my wife and I work as a team and will often tend to details without your even being aware, all with the intention of ensuring your day goes as smoothly as possible. We want to attend to you so that you don’t have to worry about a single thing.

Clients regularly express to me that when they look at their photographs they are taken back to the depth of what they were feeling at that specific moment. This, above all, is why I love photographing weddings. Creating beautiful art that takes a couple back to their most valued emotions brings me great joy. Clients complimenting me on my style, my timeless images, my infectious energy and impeccable service is icing on the cake.

Witnessing History

I have the great good fortune of living in the first state that legalized gay marriage. I photographed the Massachusetts Constitutional Conventions and I was photographing on the streets in Cambridge, MA the night the first marriage certificates were granted to gay couples. I feel privileged to have witnessed history in the making. I am honored each and every time an LGBT couple trusts me to give them the service, care and respect they deserve, as well as creating spectacular images of their love.

Massachusetts is first in the nation!

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