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Piper Jo, a lesbian photographer, takes pictures of two queer women during their engagement session

My Approach


I bring my whole self to your session, because this is the work my soul wants to do. I have the most fun when I get to meet the fullest version of you!  You’ll find, in our information gathering conversation, that I ask a lot of questions; my mom says my first word was, “Why?” Learning your story inspires me to create art that is a reflection of you. Direct and honest communication with your artist (me!) means you’ll feel safe being your truest self in front of the camera. 

It’s deeper than getting to know you.  It’s important to me that I create an environment where my clients feel comfortable, protected and safe.  This is how I produce the most true-to-life images possible. 

Whether you consider yourself highly photogenic or super camera-shy, I know that anxiety can sour the experience of getting your picture taken. I’m dedicated to understanding your needs and building trust so that you can express yourself comfortably in front of my lens. By the time I click the shutter, you’ll wonder why you ever worried.

My Art, Your Story


Your wedding, special occasion or portrait brings me as much joy as it brings you. Yet even when we’re celebrating important life moments, LGBTQ+ people often navigate a multitude of conflicting emotions.  I’m proud to be able to hold space for all the feelings and past experiences you bring to your session or event.  We each have histories that influence our now reality.  I get it.  I’m sensitive to the waves and even wounds that shape how we show up in the world. 


I honor your path to this moment, including the history that brought you here.  However you show up, let it be as yourself.


As your photographer, I curate every part of the photography process.  Other photographers bring in unknown assistants or outsource their editing and post processing.  To me, that is sacrilege.  You’ve gone to great effort to plan and make the choices that best fit you.  You’re here because you value my vision.  Not the vision of a bot or outsourced editor.


I protect the special bond we’ve created together.  From the moment you hire me, to gallery delivery (and beyond), you can rest assured I am the only one tending your images.

Lesbian Owned & Operated 

In the time leading up to the Constitutional Conventions which ultimately determined that Massachusetts would become the first state to legalize “same sex marriage,” I had the opportunity to photograph the spirited gatherings inside the State House in Boston. I felt the gravity of what I’d witnessed.  I celebrated participating in the Civil Rights movement of my time.  I got to participate in history being made! 


With my wife Pat as my second shooter and right hand, you can have the confidence that every step of the process is communicated clearly (sometimes with just a look!). Our systems are well honed, and we rely on each other’s skills to know that every important detail of your story will be captured artfully and with professional grace.


Our LGBTQ+ couples often tell me that they chose to work with us because we are part of the community.  They feel an added layer of safety because we’re gay too. And then when they experience us at their wedding, our couples regularly say we put them at ease because we ”get it”. We DO “get it”.  We LIVE it.  We’ve felt the strains and pains.  We’ve witnessed atrocities and glorious gay magic.  We know the depth and intensities.  And we know how important it is to be seen, heard, valued and respected.


Pat and I are partners in photography and in life. Not only are you supporting a lesbian-owned business when you book, you’re also supporting a couple who have built something real, and are now working to open our next chapter fostering LGBTQ+ youth in Vermont.

Now Booking  2022 & 2023

Piper Jo Nevins and her wife Pat hold hands as they look forward, smiling, during a snowing winter photo session.
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