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Interracial gay male family. Two white men with scruffy beards and outdoor vests pose with their two black children in front of autumn folliage.


Family portraits are wonderful keepsakes.  Especially for queer families (whether its parents, children, or other loved ones who identify within the community) a professional photo session can be emotional, and sometimes even scary.  Folks who have struggled with fears around being out, transitioning, or changing their gender expression, being queer on camera can be nerve-wracking.


I want to capture images of your family that feel relaxed, affirming and full of connection and meaning.


From the time I was coming out, through to today, I am constantly learning more about the diversity of language our community uses to describe our relationships, our loved ones, and ourselves. With me, a family portrait session is emotionally safe and fun. I listen to and reflect the lived truths of each of your beloveds.  I strive to represent all kinds of families in their most natural ways of being. 

Two queer women, one with long blonde hair and the other with short grey/silver hair, sit on their large front porch. They pose in rocking chairs with their two young blonde daughters.


Whether an annual holiday tradition with your nearest and dearest (which comes with a reduced rate!) or a reason to get the whole crew together for an extended family gathering, document time with your loved ones for an affordable flat fee. (No added package requirements or print fees)

Family Portraits: $600

Annual Repeat-Customer Rate: $500


Piper is like no other. Her passion for her clients is top notch. She doesn’t just create photos and memories, she becomes part of your family, shares in your joys and sorrows, lives, and love. When you work with Piper, you essentially work with a new member of your family.

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