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  • What is your photographic style?
    This is probably the most commonly asked question of all photographers! My style combines the timeless and classic style with the contemporary and modern journalistic style. My partner and I are always going to make sure we document every detail, every family portrait and each tender moment of your day as you experience it. I welcome your input to make sure the details YOU want are part of the final delivery.
  • How long have you been a photographer?
    I started photographing weddings in 1993 in the greater Boston area. I was a film photographer back then of course. I navigated the transition to digital capture and post-processing once digital SLR's came on the scene. And I stay current with ever-developing new technologies. This all means that I have a broad perspective on styles / trends, boatloads of experience in a wide variety of situations and strong understanding of the capabilities of my gear.
  • What kind of equipment do you use?
    I rely on Canon professional digital cameras, lighting and lenses. I always have my own back-up equipment on hand for every job. Using mirrorless cameras brings expanded artistry possibilities, both in camera and in post processing. I can re-master a color image to stunning black & white after the event is complete. This gives you greater imagery options.
  • Do you have an image limit?
    No, never. I capture as many images as it takes to tell the story of your wedding day or other celebration. My motivation is to capture the moment as it happens. I then bring these images back to my studio to carefully select the very best to showcase your event. An average wedding produces 75-100 finished images per hour of coverage.
  • Do I have to do formals?
    No, there is not “have to” anything! We will work together to make sure we deliver you the coverage YOU want! Although, you may have some family members that would appreciate having a traditional portrait with you on your special day. Be sure to include your family in the planning process so we don’t miss out on making wonderful memories. With some pre-planning, we can work through “must-have” family shots in no time so you can get back to the party!
  • What if I don't want an album?
    No problem! You are free to do what you wish with your images after your wedding. All digital files do come with a print release that allows you to print or copy your images. Many couples opt to create their own Thank You cards, personalized scrapbook or other special family treasure. However, I do offer a wide variety of album options from the casual coffee table book style to more formal, leather bound albums all in a range of budget options. You are never limited to the number of images in your book or album and there is never a time period that you have to order an album. Some studios will charge a “penalty fee” for ordering late – never with me!
  • Do you shoot the weddings yourself?
    Yes! I will always be the principal photographer on each event. I am my business and my art. When you book your wedding with me, you are booking my talent, my eye, my expertise. Some large photography "houses" will have you sign a contract with them, but do not commit to which photographer will be at your event. It's kinda like playing Russian Roulette. I can't imagine anything more unsettling. Many photographers hire second shooters who are often unknown to them. Meaning they've never previously worked together. Not only am I your known primary photographer, but my second shooter is my wife, with whom I have known systems and styles.
  • How long will you hold my images?
    I will always maintain a back up copy of your images. Digital files are backed up to external hard drives and stored separately to prevent damage or loss. I have had couples return to me 10 years after their wedding looking for custom prints and albums to commemorate their anniversary!
  • Will you travel outside of Massachusetts for a wedding?
    Yes, of course! I love to travel!!! And I love destination weddings. Some of my favorite events have been in Cape Cod, New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont. As well as having photographed events in all 6 New England states, I've captured events as far south as Nassau, Bahamas, and as far west as San Francisco, CA. Please know that additional fees may apply for travel or overnight accommodations.
  • How much of a deposit do you require?
    I ask for 50 % of your contracted total due at the time of contract signing. This is a non-refundable deposit. Your deposit "locks in" your date on my calendar. The remaining balance is due two weeks prior to your wedding date. I will work with you to make tailored payment arrangements as needed. Please be sure to ask if you need an alternative payment schedule.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    Most commonly preferred forms of payment are credit card, Venmo or check. Please know that for credit card payments, I will send you a PayPal Invoice. I also accept Gift Certificate payments from friends and family to pay for my services. Be sure to ask how! (I've literally had a couple's besties pool funds to buy a Gift Certificate that covered the couple's entire photography package balance)
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    This is a tough answer but one I must hold firm to because I do turn away work once you sign your contract with me. In the event of a cancellation of the contracted agreement by the client, the deposit paid is non-refundable. Cancellations must be made in writing and as far in advance as possible. That said, we have all had to navigate a ton of transition due to the Covid 19 pandemic. While I have always been as flexible as possible with my couples if Life throws them a curve ball, it is imperative to make it clear now post-pandemic. I will endeavor to fluctuate with changes in plans / dates to the best of my ability. I have a big heart and a strong desire to accommodate. And, this is my business and livelihood, so I must hold firm to the non-refundable deposit policy.
  • When do couples reserve your services?
    Most often, couples book my wedding photography services one year in advance. Many couples book two years in advance. And yes, even three years in advance. Elopements typically contact me just a couple months in advance, or even a couple weeks in advance!!! In the wake of the pandemic, many couples are making adjusted plans on shorter timelines. I encourage couples to book me as soon as comfortably possible in order that another couple doesn’t get your date first. I tell all my wedding couples at the time of our initial consultation that I "pencil you in" on my calendar. If another couple inquires about your date, I will contact you immediately to give you first choice. No other events will be booked on your date once you have signed your contract and I have received your deposit.
  • How do I learn more about you?
    Contact me! I love meeting new folks! Head on over to my Contact page and let's get connected. We'll set up a consultation session where we can start to get to know each other, and I can learn more about your plans. This is a no-cost, no-obligation consultation. I am happy to accommodate your schedule convenience and meeting preference. We can have a video meeting (most preferred these days), we can meet at a local establishment (coffee shop, restaurant, pub), and some couples ask me to meet at their venue or home.
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