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A blue stone teardrop engagement ring surrounded by white dimonds and gold against a white background


Someone asked a question, and someone said “Yes!” Whether it was a total surprise or otherwise: holy heck, CONGRATULATIONS!


You might still be reeling from the excitement, and that’s okay! You might never have had professional photos taken.  Also okay!  One of my greatest strengths is creating an environment where you feel comfortable sharing genuine moments of love, from which breathtaking art is deftly captured. My unscripted approach blends photojournalism with classical art photography.  I thrive on capturing you being present in the moment.


Let me make your love into a work of art! 


Engagement Session: $600

Special Rate for Wedding Clients: $400

  Jo & Isabella  

After a session with Piper, we felt so beautiful, so hyped up, so incredible. Those insecurities about being the center of attention and not having model-level confidence just disappeared with Piper. If Piper weren't so busy, I think I would hire her to follow me around and be my personal cheerleader. But on a more serious note, Piper and her lovely wife make an amazing team. They work so seamlessly and so efficiently. Piper is willing to go on a journey with you - in your own artistic vision, and in our case, through snow.  THESE PICTURES. ARE. GORGEOUS!!!  I truly can't stop looking at them and how beautiful they are and how happy we look. It just shines through the camera, which is truly a testament to Piper's artistry.

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