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Two True Gentlemen Marry Beachside

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Provincetown harbor is a gorgeous backdrop for a wedding ceremony

Jim and Joe are true gentlemen. Both successful Boston businessmen, they focused on their careers throughout their relationship. Joe has two adult children who are the light of his life, and they too took center stage in Jim and Joe's relationship.

Joe was nearing retirement, and Jim really wanted to have a celebration to honor Joe's accomplishments, with all their family and friends. Being the gentleman he is, Joe didn't want a celebration just for him. He wanted to celebrate with the love of his life. They decided it was time to get married.

Provincetown was the obvious choice of location

Jim and Joe have long enjoyed summers in Provincetown. Many of their friends also call Provincetown their summer home. And let's face it, Provincetown is a fantastic place for LGBTQ+ people to let their hair down safely, and celebrate openly. Plus, it's gorgeous on the tip of the Cape!

Friends and family surrounded them

Both of Joe's children participated in the ceremony. Jim was fortunate to have both his parents walk him down the aisle. This couple was surrounded by love.

The Atlantic ocean serves as their altar

What could be more gorgeous? Honestly, sometimes simplicity takes my breath away. With best friends as their officiants, the view of the Atlantic ocean behind with beach grass waving in the gentle breeze, their ceremony was elegant, touching and meaningful.

Portraits on the beach

"Jim couldn't wait to update his Facebook status to MARRIED."

Right after their ceremony, I whisked Jim and Joe over to the beach for some quiet time together, to soak it all in and enjoy the gorgeous golden light. Jim couldn't wait to update his Facebook status to MARRIED.

Gay friends who are family

Jim and Joe are very fortunate to have blood family who celebrated their marriage. But those of us in the LGBTQ+ community know, our chosen family is something extra special.

Dance into the night

After an elegant sit-down dinner filled with great food, abundant toasts and much laughter, the happy couple danced the night away. These two gentlemen included me and Pat as if we were among their guests.

Jim and Joe sent me a holiday card that year. They're expecting their first grandchild! Mazel tov.


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