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Brittany & Shannon's Styled Shoot

Updated: May 13, 2022

Brittany and Shannon were already married. So why, you might ask, did they want to be part of a wedding styled shoot? Brittany reached out to me, having seen my work online and knowing that I focus primarily on the LGBTQ+ community. A photographer herself, Brittany was aware of styled shoots and asked to be included in the next one I offered.

Two brides standing by a horse.  One bride dressed in a traditional white gown.  Other bride in black suite and 4 inch heels.

The reason why Brittany wanted new wedding portraits is where the story grabs me in the feels.

Brittany and Shannon had a lovely wedding. And Brittany did not want to speak ill of the momentous day. A few things did not go to plan. That happens. What was really gnawing at Brittany is that she had wanted to wear a suit, but her mother really wanted Brittany in a gown. Brittany can do the femme thang. She can rock a gown. And she did!!!! But as she looked at her wedding pictures, there was a lingering disappointment, or maybe longing. She really wanted to have artistic photography of the love of her life, Shannon, in the gown she adores, standing next to her as she feels most herself, in a suit.

“What was really gnawing at Brittany is that she had wanted to wear a suit, but her mother really wanted Brittany in a gown.

Black and white image.  Two brides stand together in an apple orchard at Connemara House in Topsfield, MA..  Their foreheads touch romantically.

This story tugs at my heart. I’ve heard versions of this challenge many times. LGBTQ+ couples often run into hurdles with family, even when family are supportive. We are grateful for our supportive families, and we want the whole wedding planning process and day to be joy-filled and run smoothly. Parents / family members can sometimes get stuck in a vision they’ve always had for their child on their wedding day. In some instances it is super important for the couple to take a stand and make choices contrary to their family’s wishes. Sometimes it’s more subtle, and couples make choices that aim toward the greater good. We each endeavor to make the best choices for ourselves, given current circumstances. Brittany and Shannon have beautiful wedding portraits both dressed in gowns. But a couple years after their wedding, Brittany still had that longing.

Bride in black suit has her jacket slung over her shoulder revealing her awesome tattoos.

There was another reason Brittany and Shannon wanted new portraiture. They now have a daughter, Rowan!!!! As many LGBTQ+ couples have experienced, navigating the journey of bringing a child into their lives can be arduous. Rowan’s presence in their lives is magical to this couple. They really wanted to celebrate their family, each dressed as they feel their best.

So here ya have ‘em! Shannon continues to glow in her gown. Brittany is smokin’ in her black suit, black camisole that highlights her ink, and 4 inch heels!!!!! And Rowan is picture perfect.

Golden light filters through apple trees hallowing the two brides as they kiss.  Bride in white gown is holding baby dressed in tutu. A quintessential New England gentleman’s farm and country estate, Connemara House is perfect for hosting the event of your dreams.

Sun sets behind smiling brides and happy smiling baby.

I commend Brittany for knowing what she wanted and continuing to pursue her dream. I adore that Shannon supports the dream. And I’m grateful to them both for trusting me with their dream.

@piperjophoto nailed it! Thank you for helping bring my vision to life.”



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