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The Power of a Symbol

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

The Meaning behind my Logo

Creating a logo was a really fun process for me, due in large part to my designer. It can be a daunting process for a creative (reads photographer) to describe a vision and meaning, then hand it over to another creative. Requires a trust bond, something I know quite a lot about in my business.

Jo knows the meaning of my business well. In fact she’s been in front of my lens! She knows, firsthand, the experience of how I create artful portraiture.

Jo created a story with deep meaning wrapped inside a picture.

In the middle of my gorgeous new logo is a Celtic symbol known as serch bythol (pronounced serk beeth-ohl). It is the fusion of two three-cornered knots known as triquetras. When placed side by side, their arcs combine to create a central circle, becoming a graceful flow of lines without end, signifying eternity and everlasting love. The fusion of the triquetras is symbolic of the oneness of the mind, body and spirit and portrays loyalty, faithfulness, unity and true love.

To the Celts, family, love, loyalty and solidarity were valuable concepts. They placed high honor on familial bonds. When I learned of this, I was struck by how important “family” is to the LGBTQ+ community. A colloquialism to identify someone as gay, without saying the word gay, is to say “they’re family”. Many of us have our “chosen family”. We rely on our community like it is our family. We are loyal, committed and often stand in solidarity with our community, our chosen family.

Where the serch bythol portrays unity and eternal love, it is easy to see how it became symbolic for marrying couples. Lovers place serch bythol wedding rings on each others’ fingers to indicate the depth of their love.

To me, the search bythol symbol is a perfect one for a lesbian wedding photographer specializing in LGBTQ+ couples!

The tendrils with tiny leaves that swirl and entwine bring a romance and elegance, as well as an organic component. This, too, is central to my business. My whole approach to portraiture is to create a comfortable environment so that connection, love, playfulness flow organically. It is from a place of things happening naturally that I create beautiful art.

Once you know the meaning behind each component of my logo, I think you’ll agree, there’s a depth and integrity. A union of the pieces of my business most important to me: honoring true love, loyalty and faithfulness to my LGBTQ+ family, and organic connection and flow.


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